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        About Us

        Jiangsu wei bo hydraulic co., LTD., is committed to high quality manufacturing of all kinds of hydraulic power unit products for ten years, its own research and development production of CMA, CMC, CMD, CME, CMF, CAL whole series of die casting valve block is the upgrading of products, webb brand covers the application of the hydraulic power unit products in the industry design form, The control valve, oil port and installation position have the same design, can meet the various needs of users.

        Adopt high quality casting aluminum alloy raw materials, advanced alloy refining technology and heat treatment process. We hope to get customers' affirmation, our product quality can create value for you, for the national brand to win dignity.

        We have done strict parts testing before assembly, and all performance tests after installation to ensure that our system is safe and reliable. Weibo brand, Made in China, international quality, create a successful future with you.