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        enterprise culture


        Innovation drives social development


        Gain trust by technological innovation, obtain long-term development by excellent quality

        We hope to do a "trusted and respected company, continue to" go to the world, leading the industry, to become the world's outstanding hydraulic system integration service brand "as the strategic goal, to" focus on customer needs, in the hydraulic industry create value for customers, shareholders, employees and the society "as our mission, realize enterprise in one hundred.

        In the past 20 years, the global economy has been developing rapidly. Weibo has come a long way thanks to the environment of reform and opening up. Also benefited from our practice has been dedicated to learning and innovation.

        Making excellent products is the main business and core competence of WEIbo. We hope that on the journey of realizing our vision, WE can build a stage without ceiling for all employees to show their talents and realize their dreams.

        Customer satisfaction: identify customer needs, bring value to customers, respect and care for customers.

        Reward innovation: Keep your edge by innovating.

        Respect for individuals: honest communication, fair treatment, mutual trust, mutual support, to create a comfortable and safe working environment for employees.

        Personnel training: appointment, training excellent talents, continuous learning, continuous growth, constantly challenge themselves, create success.